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Builder Warranty Inspections

Your Builder’s Warranty Is About To Expire…

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Congratulations! It’s probably hard for you to believe that almost a year has gone by since you moved into your new home. Hopefully, you’re all settled in and living out of boxes is a thing of the past!

Did you know that the builder’s warranty on your home is about to expire?

Most builders provide a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty that covers almost anything that can go wrong with your new home. They may offer to do an 11 month walk-through with you and gladly repair cosmetic conditions such as nail pops, paint blemishes and gaps in trim joints. The builder will only make the cosmetic fixes you ask for, and they do not look for other problems on your behalf.

You know what the interior of your house is like, and you know how you want it to look. What about the parts of the house you know nothing about? What about the systems that require trained technicians to install and service? What about the remote corners of the attic (and crawl space if you have one)? Who will look in these areas

This could also be your final chance to have more substantial problems with your home repaired at the builder’s expense. Even if your new construction experience has been flawless to date, there is still a possibility that the house has defects you and your builder are not aware of.

What else might be going on with the house?

Building a house is a complex process with many moving parts. Most builders are reputable, responsive and work diligently to build a quality product while earning a reasonable profit. Builders are human, though, and so is the tradesman who work on the house. It is common for mistakes to occur, and most of them get fixed during construction. However, some things fall through the cracks. Later, when the defects become apparent or are identified by a professional inspector, you are left with the bill to correct them.

If you are wondering about the things we typically find during new construction inspections, we have a Top 10 Defects report available for you. Get a free copy here:

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ACE Preferred Inspectors are trained to examine your home and detect the functional, structural and safety concerns you and the builder may not be aware of. These conditions are often the result of construction oversights or component failures and you will eventually have to pay to correct them after the warranty expires. ACE provides you with a qualified independent professional opinion regarding the conditions present at your home as well as the extra documentation you need to preserve your rights to a warranty claim even if the builder does not fix everything before the warranty expires.

Our service is especially important if an independent inspector did not evaluate your home when you purchased it. Remember, after the warranty expires, you will eventually have to pay for things that were not done right when the house was built.

Even if your home was professionally examined, things can change! Slow leaks take time to become apparent, and component failures can occur at any time. Why wonder? Be sure before you lose the warranty coverage provided by your builder!

Why choose ACE? We specialize in new home construction inspections. Our inspectors have extensive construction backgrounds and experience inspecting new homes. We know how a house is supposed to be built, and our thorough examination will verify that it complies with current industry standards.

Protect your investment by calling ACE at 843-849-0455. Or schedule an appointment online by clicking HERE.

The field portion of our inspection will take about 3 hours for an average size home. We will take notes and pictures, discuss our findings with you and deliver a detailed, computer-generatedreport that includes digital photos of any major concerns, a list of defects you can give the builder, and instructions to preserve your rights to a warranty claim. Most reputable builders recognize the accuracy of our remarks and do not hesitate to correct the defects we identify. We are also available to assist you and your builder with any questions that come up after we have been to the site.

We look forward to working with you and welcome the opportunity to address any questions you may have!

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Jeffrey M. Donaldson, P.E.


ACE Preferred Inspections, Inc.

843 849 0455

P.S. – Time is running out! Your Builder’s Warranty to expire will expire soon! Get an inspection by an independent ACE professional who works only for YOU. Call our office to schedule your Builder’s Warranty Inspection or receive additional information about this service.


Constructing a home is a complex process, and even the best builders make mistakes. An ACE Builder Warranty Inspection is intended to identify and document functional, structural and safety concerns with your home. In the first year of construction, your builder will typically address these conditions at no cost to you. After the first year, you have to pick up the tab. Schedule an inspection today to protect your family and your investment.


ACE provides quality control inspection services to some of the best builders in the area. Our technicians are specially trained on local building standards and requirements. When you choose ACE, you get the most capable inspectors in the market.


Home inspectors are not engineers, but ACE inspectors are trained and supported by a licensed professional engineer. If your ACE inspector finds a condition or concern that merits an engineer’s attention, one of our engineers will review the matter with you over the phone to ensure you understand its’ significance and implications. In most cases, your builder will be responsible for engaging an engineer to evaluate and address the problem. Site visits and other follow up support by the ACE engineer, if necessary, will be billed at a discounted rate.


All ACE inspectors are equipped with infrared cameras that are used on every inspection. This infrared technology allows inspectors to identify problems that are otherwise not detectable. Common defects identified include missing insulation, leaky duct connections, and slow leaks.


Appliance safety and performance recalls are issued every day – some appliances even get recalled straight out of the manufacturing plant while they are in shipment to our country! If you have not diligently registered all of your appliances with the manufacturer, you will never know about them. The manufacturer is obligated to fix the recalls for free. In reality, if your appliance fails and you call a technician you will pay for the repair, even if the appliance has been recalled. ACE inspections provide you with the resources to monitor your appliances for recalls forever for free! If there is a recall, the system will notify you with instruction on how to get it corrected for free. Stop living with potential safety defects – schedule your Builder Warranty Inspection today.


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