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Explanation of Benefits

One Stop Shop Logo

One Stop Shop

Home inspections provide a great deal of information about a home, but they have a limited scope. For clients who want to know more, ACE offers one stop shopping for a wide variety of additional testing, diagnostic and evaluation services. For optimal efficiency, we make every effort to schedule all evaluations at the same time as the home inspection. Most reports are available within 48 hours of the inspection. Environmental test reports are usually available 4 or 5 business days after the appointment.

Inspection Guarantee

Inspection Protection Guarantee

Inspection Protection Guarantee - Our 125 day professional services guarantee provides coverage for certain issues that may arise after the inspection.

Service Concierge copy

Service Concierge

The ACE Service Concierge benefit, included with every Complete Home Inspection, is delivered by HomeBinder Assistant. The assistant has all the resources you need to move, set up, settle in, repair, improve and maintain your new home. ACE clients receive a free HomeBinder! This ONLY available to ACE customers. Contact our office for more details!

Buyer Protection Plan Logo

Buyer Protection Plan

Buying a home can be a challenge. All kinds of crazy things can make a deal fall through, and many of them are not even our client’s fault! If the first house we inspect does not close for any reason, ACE clients get $75 off their next inspection. The fine print: 1. Owner occupants only. 2. ACE Complete or ACE Premium Package was purchased. 3. 2nd inspection must occur within 60 days of the first. 4. 3rd inspection (we hope not!) at regular price.

Engineer on Call

Complimentary Engineering Consultation

ACE inspectors are personally and continuously trained by a licensed professional engineer. They have the advantage of learning the perspective and judgement only an engineer can deliver. If an ACE inspector identifies a condition that merits an engineer’s attention, we will connect the client with a licensed professional engineer from our sister company, Applied Construction Expertise, Inc., or a similarly qualified engineering firm. The engineer will personally review the matter with the client, put the condition in its’ proper perspective and discuss typical repair methods so the buyer may move forward with confidence. A discounted fee applies if it is necessary for the engineer to visit the site, perform calculations, develop repair procedures, write letters, or render other engineering services.

Recall Monitor Logo

Recall Monitor

About 1 in 10 homes have an appliance with an outstanding safety or performance related recall. Very few people register their appliances with the manufacturer, and fewer still transfer registrations to a new owner. Consequently, most recalls are never detected and go unrepaired, or owners pay for repairs when the cost to cure should have been borne by the manufacturer. ACE inspection reports include the data and platform you need to identify current and future appliance recalls in your new home and get them fixed for free.

Infrared Certified Logo

Infrared Included

ACE inspectors are Infrared Certified and equipped with state of the art infrared cameras. The standard inspection includes a scan of suspicious conditions, stains, electric panels, and air handlers.

Home Inspection 48h

48 Hour Inspection Guarantee

When you need it, you need it now, and ACE has you covered. We can often honor same day service requests, and if not we guarantee an inspection within 48 hours of contacting the office. Ask for the first available appointment and we will handle it from there! If we can’t cover your order within 48 hours, the client gets $75 off the first available appointment.

Community Support Logo

Community Support

ACE proudly supports the communities we serve. A portion of every home inspection fee is donated to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The Basket Brigade, KW Cares, The American Cancer Society, schools, bands, sports teams, and other organizations.

200 percent Satisfaction Guarantee Logo

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

ACE is committed to the most thorough inspections provided by the best and most customer focused inspectors in South Carolina. If our service on the house you are buying does not live up to your expectations and you do not believe you received the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available, we will refund your inspection fee. In addition, we will pay the fee for another inspector of your choice to inspect the same home again so you may have complete confidence as you proceed with your purchase. The fine print: 1. Client must object within 7 days of the original inspection. 2. Client must be present for the entire ACE inspection. 3. Client must provide their specific concerns and reason for dissatisfaction in writing. ACE will respond promptly and coordinate resolution. 5. Refund offer only applies to the fee for the Complete Home Inspection service. 6. Reimbursement for the second inspection shall not exceed the original ACE Complete Home Inspection fee.

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