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The experienced, professional inspectors at ACE are diligently trained to deliver all of the information you need to make informed decisions about buying, selling, and owning your home.

Home Inspections

Whether you are a buyer who just went under contract on a home, or a seller who wants to get a heads up on potential issues before listing your home, we have you covered!

New Construction Inspections

Even brand new homes can have issues, and ACE inspectors are trained to protect you during the construction process. We perform foundation, flashing, pre-drywall, and final inspections.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Most builders provide a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty when a home is sold. Having the home professionally inspected before the warranty expires allows owners to identify defects and have the builder correct them instead of paying out of pocket later.

One Stop Shopping

All homes are not created equal. We have the ability to examine the systems and equipment that are outside the scope of a standard home inspection such as Swimming Pools, Elevators, Central Vacuums, Docks, Boat Lifts, Lawn Irrigation Systems, Solar Electric and Hot Water Systems, Septic Systems, and Generators.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections are referred to our sister company, Applied Construction Expertise, Inc., or a similarly qualified firm. A team of inspectors will complete field work with minimal occupant disruption. The inspection effort is focused on function, structure and safety conditions. Phase I Environmental and Cost Estimates are available by request.

Repair Cost Estimates

Our Repair Cost Estimate provides a budget estimate for repairs within 24 hours of when the home inspection report is delivered. Is it perfect? No, but it is very accurate and many contractors will do the work for the estimate price when you show it to them! Furthermore, our Repair Cost Estimate is interactive and editable! You have the ability to edit numbers, delete tasks, and even add tasks for things not addressed by a home inspection. For example - do you want a figure for new flooring throughout the house? You can figure out a number using this tool!

In addition to thorough, top to bottom, inside and out home inspections, we also offer:

Wood Destroying Organisms (CL100)

SC Wood Infestation Reports (CL100's) are available with or without a home inspection. These reports are often required to obtain bank financing and identify prior and active infestations of termites, wood borers, carpenter ants and wood decay fungi.

4 Point Insurance Inspection

Homes more than 25 years old typically benefit from a 4 point report that describes the conditions of major systems and components. Insurance companies use the report to qualify the home for preferred rates and coverages.

Wind Mitigation Exam

If the home has certain attributes to help it withstand a high wind event, such as a hurricane, a wind mitigation report could provide a significant discount on homeowner's insurance.

Repair Inspection

If repairs are completed on items called out during a full inspection, we can come back out after the fact to make sure repairs are completed properly and fully.

Mold Sampling

Mold swabs can be taken on visible signs of microbial like growth, and air samples can be taken if hidden mold is suspected. A detailed report with mold types and levels is generated.

Drone Roof Inspections

We are fully insured, certified & FAA Part 107 drone licensed. Our drone pilot will take brief exterior video of the roof with multiple high definition pictures.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Many modern consumers are concerned about pollutants in the air. ACE can collect air samples and test for the presence of formaldehyde and over 400 common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our report identifies the compounds found, concentrations, common sources, and recommended corrective actions.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Drain lines are expensive to replace; repairs often involve major excavations and landscape alterations. A sewer camera inspection of the main drain line will identify intrusions, breaks, improper slope, and partial clogs before you buy the house.

Advanced Mechanical Inspection

A standard home inspection includes testing systems and a visual inspection. The Advanced Mechanical Inspection is performed by a licensed heating and cooling technician who runs diagnostic tests that include refrigerant level checks, current draw measurements, and partial equipment disassembly to determine internal condition of equipment.

Chimney Inspection

ACE's in-house certified specialists provide a basic chimney inspection. This includes a visual inspection of the firebox, photos and a full length HD color video inspection of the flue accessible from the firebox. The video will be provided to the customer along with a detailed report.

Draw Inspection

Homeowners and lending institutions often need an independent professional to provide progress photos and a report before payment is released. ACE professionals are available to provide prompt, timely site visits!

HUD/FHA Manufactured Home Foundation Certificates

Most lenders require an engineer's foundation certification to finance the purchase of a manufactured home. An ACE technician will visit the site to collect field data and deliver it to an engineer for analysis. The certification letter is typically available within 48 hours.

HUD 203K Renovation Consulting

The 203k program allows buyers to borrow funds necessary to purchase and renovate properties in one closing. Almost any property qualifies! ACE has certified consultants on staff to perform a Feasibility Analysis, Work Write Up, and Draw Inspections to facilitate the purchase and renovation process. Call for details.

Engineering Referrals Available

A complimentary phone consultation is provided whenever the ACE inspector finds a condition that merits an engineer's attention. Engineering services for the phone consultation or further evaluations are provided by our sister company, Applied Construction Expertise, Inc., or a similarly qualified engineering firm.

Radon Testing

Long-term exposure to radon gas can have serious health effects. Our inspectors test for radon levels inside a structure to ensure the amount of radon is safe per EPA standards. Plan for approximately 5 business before you receive your results. Test runs for 48 hours, lab turn around time is 2-3 days.

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